Planning shake up – Developers told to do your duty to Britain!

Plans to shake-up the planning rule book in England, will force property developers and councils to build more homes in a bid to solve the housing shortage.

This has been in discussion for many months, amidst reports showing we need an extra 600 low-cost homes to be built every week to meet the demand.

This announcement means that local authority planners’ powers could be taken away if targets are not achieved. I believe this will make it easier to get planning permission in notoriously difficult places where “unaffordability ratios” are much higher.

Theresa May said in her speech yesterday that developers who profit from building expensive homes, rather than providing the quantity of homes England needs, will be penalised as the laws on planning are rewritten to help more people get onto the housing ladder.

This doesn’t mean that green belts will disappear, but waste and derelict land will be used to improve the appearance of towns and cities and increase the number of homes. 10% of new major housing developments for sale will be expected affordable housing.

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