Planning Consent: Nothing happens without it!

At Eznat Architecture Housing and Development we are experts in planning and if you are considering any type of building development you are wise to talk to a planning consultant before discussing your thoughts, even before a construction firm, especially if you want to be able to shop around and compare quotes for the cost of the building.

Gaining planning consent appears highly complex and for anyone without experience, this is likely to be the case but in actual fact, there is a process to follow and seeking the advice of an experienced planning consultant should save you considerable time, money and most of all, heartache!

If you are planning a residential extension, depending on the measurement you may not need planning consent. We can give you an idea of this over the phone and then visit before we confirm this in writing. In some cases, all you will need is approval from Building Regulations, again we can manage this on your behalf.

Planning law changes on a regular basis – requiring a temporary reprieve adding to your application. In this situation, Eznat will ask for a certificate of lawfulness so if your building project is delayed for any reason, the planning office will know that your scheme was a permitted development at the time. This certificate is kept with the property deeds, vital should you wish to sell in the future as, without this document, it could significantly reduce the value of the property.

As an example: if you have a double storey extension to the rear of a property, with a garage at the front, this will require planning permission. But if the extension doesn’t affect the appearance of the house from the front, you can actually extend up to eight metres away from a detached property and up to six metres, if it is semi-detached. Please note there are a variety of other issues relating to terraced properties as they always overlook or overshadow another property.

To find out, pick up the phone and call us on 01482 778050. We will be able to guide you initially over the phone, then visit your property and confirm the details in writing.

For larger schemes (one house or more) we carry out a feasibility study and help with pre-planning meetings.

We have a small fee to assess, sketch the plans and make preliminary enquiries with your local planning team on the planning policy, history of the property and any previous enquiries that have been made.

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