Hallcroft, Shipley, Bradford

The scheme in located of foothill on outskirts of Shipley in Bradford and offers tranquility and excellent views for tenants.

As Development Manager at Anchor Trust, Joe Bvumburai project managed this scheme as the first Extra Care Housing development in Bradford.

West and Machell Architects designed the scheme as a no frills Extra Care scheme providing basic facilities for tenants.

The design was heavily influenced by the tight budget and resulted in a simple traditional courtyard design. Like so many schemes at the time, it was a ‘replacement’ for a dilapidated out of date Elderly Persons Home (EPH) that became unfit for purpose.

The scheme has 37 x 1 & 2 bedroom apartments. Although there are many older people in the neighbourhood the management of the scheme does not allow outsiders to use any of the facilities.

There is however a guest sleeping facility for visiting relatives. As Extra Care Housing was emerging as a preferred model at the time, it meant that there were few examples for local authorities to see.

In this case the nearest scheme was in Middlesborough where a visit was conducted to study an early Anchor extra care scheme.

Joe Bvumburai worked closely with Social Services and the enabling team at the council to secure the scheme for grant funding from the then Housing Corporation.

The land value was discounted by Bradford City Council as part of their enabling role.

Role played by Joe Bvumburai

  • Conducted seminar with Bradford Met Borough Council on Extra Care Housing
  • Preparation of the Design Brief
  • Liaison with Bradford Council Social Services and their housing enabling team.
  • Consultation with Stake Holders
  • Project Management & Housing Corporation scheme work

Project Team
Owner: Anchor Trust
Care by: Bradford Social Services
Enabler: Bradford Met B Council
Architects: West and Machell
Employer’s Agents: F + G
M & E Services: BES

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