New Lodge, Barnsley

This is a major Regeneration scheme involving the demolition of dilapidated homes in an ex council estate in Barnsley.

The initial Masterplanning of the estate started in in 2005/6 and Joe Bvumburai as Head of Development was involved with the Regeneration master planning from the very beginning.

Early consultation was with stake holders included community leaders, existing tenants, ward members, and Barnsley Council staff.

After several years of planning the Mayor of Barnsley dug the first soil to signify the start of construction in 2009. New Lodge is finally becoming new again. Phase 1 comprising 66 homes has been completed.

The homes offer spacious living standards and solar renewables to reduce bills for tenants.

The tenants who endured years of consultation, decanting and rehousing are now back in the estate and thrilled with their new homes.

Role played by Joe Bvumburai

  • Secured Yorkshire Housing as a selected Regeneration Partner in this area of Barnsley
  • Consultation with Barnsley Council, Community Leaders and Stakeholders
  • Manage Project Manager working on the scheme
  • Manage relationships with the Barnsley Council and Stakeholders
  • Initial HCA liaison

Project Team:
Owner: Yorkshire Housing
Architects: Acanthus WSM
Employer’s Agent: Bernard
Williams Associates (BWA)
Contractor: Frank Haslam Milan

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