Newhill Road, Barnsley

A Regeneration project involving the demolition of dilapidated council homes in Barnsley.

The area has a few Right to Buy customers living around derelict homes which had become an eye sore for the community .

The original homes were built in the 1920s but in recent years had experienced a transient population creating a culture of anti social behavior.

Newhill Road, Barnsley

The few owner occupiers wanted these problems to end and the council started to demolish the rented homes as they became empty.  However that left empty land which continued to attract anti social behavior.

The site has methane gas emissions which is added to the site’s problems. Joe Bvumburai then Head of Development at Yorkshire Housing (YH) brokered a deal with Barnsley Council to bring in new funding to redevelop the site. Previously YH had a small share of development building bespoke bungalows for people with physical disabilities.

A series of consultations began with the Homes and Community Agency, the Council and stake holders and resulted in the redevelopment of 59 new family homes and the refurbishment of 3 semi detached homes.

A negotiated Building Contract with Bramall Construction saw the development completed in 2009 to the delight of surrounding home owners and the council.

The homes achieved an Eco Rating of Excellent to become the first such scheme in Barnsley. It went on to win awards as most sustainable development in South Yorkshire (Air4you – 2010) and the best regional Local Authority Building Control (LABC) award 2009 winner.

Tenants enjoy solar heated hot water and the highly insulted homes require minimal heating. The methane gas is now well managed through out the development and the new tenants are happy with their homes.

Feed back from neighbouring owner occupier “I never thought I would see this area developed. The new houses are lovely and the neighbourhood is gaining it’s former glory.”

Another tenant was heard saying “I like those solar panels. I can afford to stay a little longer in the shower because the hot water is free”

Role played by Joe Bvumburai

  • Secured Yorkshire Housing as a selected Regeneration Partner
  • Early Consultation with the Local Authority and stakeholders
  • Land assembly – purchasing additional land from owner occupiers
  • Managed Project Managers working on the scheme
  • Maintain relationships with Barnsley Council and Stakeholders

Project Team:
Owner: Yorkshire Housing
Architects: Bramhall Blenkarn
Employer’s Agent: F + G
Contractor: Bramall Construction

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