If you are one of the lucky ones whose home is warm enough to turn the heating off during this chilly spring weather, you will be saving pots of cash. 

However, if your home is less energy efficient and you are feeling the cold, we suggest taking action in your home now, will help to reduce your usage when the heating goes back on later in the year. 
Here are some practical ideas to tackle the rising cost of energy and prevent water wastage. 
Additional or better-quality insulation on new buildings – floors, walls and roofs 
Triple glazing for windows and doors 
Insulated doors + drought strips 
Existing properties will benefit from new and thicker loft insulation 
External insulation on rendered buildings 
Use of solar panels to reduce electricity energy bills. Once installed, there is no annual cost increase 
Solar hot water to reduce heating bills. (Requires a tank to store the heated water) 
Micro wind turbines: 
Small wind turbines are a reliable option, whether located in urban or rural settings, these do offer sustainable energy that significantly minimises your carbon footprint and the cost of energy. (planning permission maybe required) 
Energy efficient lighting - LED. These bulbs are much longer lasting and can save up to 70% on lighting your bills, compared to traditional filament bulbs. 
Water saving features: 
We install water saving solutions into all of our new build designs and extensions. However, we can also update your current property with these vital solutions to conserve valuable water resources. 
Did you know the pleasure of a power shower uses 12% of the UK’s water each day. 
A bath can usually hold 80 litres of water, while a conventional electric shower uses 62 litres of hot water in a typical 8-minute ablution. 
Other ways to save water include: 
Use of a dual flush for toilets 
Reuse of wash hand basin water via the toilet cistern. This is one of our favourites 
Water butts to capture rainwater for use in the garden 
Spray taps to minimise flow 
Avoid power showers 
If you are hoping to make changes to your property, the team at Eznat Architecture would be happy to create designs to get the most out of your space and improve energy efficiency. 
Please get in touch by calling 01482 778050 or email enquiry@eznat.co.uk
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