Pickering and Ferens Homes specialise in the provision and management of housing for older people in Hull.   The team at Eznat is working with this fantastic housing organisation on some of their projects. 

We often ask our networking partners to look out for ‘crappy old sites’, that could be suitable for development. This includes disused buildings, boarded up or neglected properties as well as empty land. 
Well spotted 
Thanks to Helena Litosa from Litonics Homes, who spotted a dilapidated single storey building on Ryde Avenue - just off Clough Road in Hull - we have found a fantastic location for our client, Pickering and Ferens Homes. 
As an established residential area, Ryde Avenue is located about 2 miles from Hull City Centre with great access to the Interchange and taxi ranks. Beverley Road has an excellent bus service between the centre of Hull, Cottingham, Beverley and North Hull. It also connects into Clough Road making the city easily accessible through use of public transport, which perfectly fits our brief. 
Bungalows for older people 
In Hull, bungalows are generally in short supply, but when it comes to safe housing for older people, this type of property is in demand. 
Originally, local houses in Ryde Avenue consisted of terraced, 2 storey properties, yet the newer builds are mostly semi-detached. Therefore, the introduction of bungalows creates a variation in these properties, with parking and security being integral to the design. 
To compliment the area, the brickwork used in our design is similar in texture and colour to the older terraced housing. The urban designer commented on various aspects of the scheme including materials, form and layout. Most of the comments have been taken into consideration in order to enhance the appearance, layout and overall design. 
Client requirements 
Due to our client’s requirements, each dwelling will be accessible via a ramp from the footpath. This means the properties will be pushed further away from Ryde Avenue just enough to comply with the gradient of the access ramp to the front door and fencing, while thorny bushes will provide additional security to the rear garden wall of the properties. 
One of the key features of the scheme is to use an alternative form of energy as solar panels remain a strong possibility. Each Property will have its own parking space so visitors will be able to park anywhere on the street. 
Secured by Design 
Working with the police under Secured by Design, various security aspects are being incorporated into the scheme to increase safety for the residents. 
Ryde Avenue ticks all boxes for this type of project. The client is happy so we are happy and look forward to meeting the demand for much-needed homes in the area. 
Please let us know 
If you come across any ‘crappy old sites’, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01482 778050 or email joe.bvumburai@eznat.co.uk
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