Our clients are the centre of our universe. With your brief and our expertise, we explain the options that will be available to you. Once the final design is completed, we will then make the necessary planning application. 
Consent covers new buildings, any alterations and building from scratch i.e. erecting a structure where previously nothing was in place and underground works of any type. 
The Residential Planning Process 
It is possible for anyone to apply for planning permission, however, we strongly advise using the services of an experienced architect in order to save your time and money. We can remove the hassle which is often associated with seeking planning permission when building, demolishing, or altering a building of almost any kind. 
Eznat creates CGI plans to your specification and gathers supporting documentation to submit with the application to gain consent on your behalf. 
Eznat can prepare an initial outline planning application to establish whether the scale and nature of a proposed development would be acceptable to the local authority. This precedes a fully detailed planning application and can often save time if some elements of the proposal could be contentious. 
Once the application is submitted to the local planning authority, the planning team publicise the application and display notices. The application is either approved, changes requested, conditions applied or in some cases, denied. We do have good working relationships with planning officers and aim to make this process as smooth as possible for you. 
Advertising your plans 
Our designs illustrate what the public will see, how it will change the area, the view it creates and the landscape, etc. This is advertised; inviting comments from the public, neighbours and considering any disagreements that may arise. Throughout this time, we liaise with the planners on your behalf and manage the design for any conditions included with consent. 
Paying for works next door 
Some conditions can be onerous. For example, the owner may have to agree to arranging works on the adjacent land or property in question, even if it is not owned by you. Working with a professional architect like Eznat will mean there will be no surprise costs. 
For commercial works, the owner might be required to enhance transport links following planned changes to access for a yard. 
New build houses 
In the case of residential new builds, space for children to play must be included - a developer could be asked to contribute towards a play park. 
Large new-build estates are now required to hide cars from view, so plans must include sufficient parking to cater for the number of houses being built - bearing in mind many households typically have at least two vehicles, if not more! 
Full Planning Permission 
Full planning is where the owner requires carte blanche for their development. 
Once consent has been authorised, it is given a fixed period for works to commence, which is usually three years. If this period is exceeded, planning consent lapses and the process must be repeated. 
Planning Consent for Demolition 
Demolishing a building is not clear cut - permissions would be required for developing a brownfield site and the demolition of existing buildings. We can advise on your specific project. 
Commercial Planning Consent 
Commercial items requiring planning consent include; signage and demolition. Anyone considering erecting a new sign must seek consent from the local authority or risk being forced to remove it. 
Your Grand Design 
Small or large extensions can be stressful if not managed properly. The experts at Eznat Architects will take you through the whole process: starting with your specific requirements, advice, feasibility sketches all in 3D CGIs, through to detailed design and drawings. 
Building Regulations 
Most works will require Building Regulations approval and inspections, especially where drainage or structures are being altered or added. We will apply for Building Regulations and follow that up until approved. 
If you would like an informal chat to find out how to get your Grand Design started, we’d love to hear from you. 
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